My heli ski trip was amazing. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. We where in a small town called Nelson. This Canadian town had only 1,200 people living year round. The town its self sat right on the water to a beautiful lake with mountains surrounding the whole lake.

The skiing was amazing, we had waist deep pow every day. The pow was supper lite; every turn (around 75 a run) was face shoot after face shoot. Are guide has been a guide for over 30 years, he is 60 years old and probably charges harder than the average person at that age. He’s been a Nelson local his whole life and has work his who career in these remote mountains. Every run he know how much vertical we got and what the name of the runs where. 

I’m addicted to heli skiing, I want to go back and I plan to go back. I encourage people who ski to do this at least once in there life. Being out in the wild with no cell phone service and just hearing the winter wind blow through the moutain tops makes the experience amazing. To top it off the scenery is amazing, Canada is a beautiful place. Don’t forget to mention that there is know lines or people fitting for the powder; this is the biggest plus side to heli skiing.

I did not get as many skiing photos as I was just enjoying the sport. I hope that my photography career will let me be able to go to these remote place and take skiing picture.

I hope you enjoy, the top images will be on The images will be located in the Gallery.

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy my work.

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